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Advanced and Intermediate Bowlers

Advanced and intermediate bowlers alike look to improve their game one set at a time. Before you hit the bowling alleys, check out our Bowlers Depot advanced and intermediate bowler tips and recommendations, updated weekly to be sure you are ahead of the game.




Advanced Bowlers

Tip: Switch your ball not your target!
Ever have the best ball reaction for a game, and then wonder where it went? A place to start looking is not your target, but your ball.

All expert bowlers know that it is important to adapt your bowling equipment and technique to the bowling lane conditions. When bowling your first game of a league on freshly oiled lanes, a duller finish ball like the Brunswick Scorching Inferno is the most effective.

After the first few games, the duller finished ball will start to grip early. Balls that grip early will lose energy as it makes its way down the lane. The result is flat corner pins on seemingly good shots and lack of pin action on lighter pocket shots.

Once the ball begins to grip, swap your dull ball out for a ball with some shine. The shinier surface ball will retain energy longer, hitting the pins with more force. The Storm Paradigm  is a great ball to use your last two games because it skids easily through the front section of the lane and hooks sharply as it reaches the end of the lane.

Intermediate Bowlers

Tip: Lose the Hook and Pick Up the Spare
Throwing a hook shot at your spare is a recipe for disaster. There is little, to no room for error when there are only one or two pins standing. A hook shot at the corner pin (10 pin or 7 pin) requires extreme accuracy. When attempting to pick up the spare, a ball with a plastic finish, like the Brunswick Target Zone  or Columbia White Dot, will help keep the ball from hooking. If you are right-handed, stand far left and use the middle arrow as your target; left-handers stand far right. There is generally more oil in the center of the lane which helps to keep the ball straight. A straight shot is easier to direct at single pin spares and is a quick and simple way to boost your average.

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